March 24, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm
First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh
320 Sixth Avenue
Downtown Pittsburgh
$10.00, $25 for family of three and over
Musical - Prodigal Sons @ First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh

The Parable that Jesus told in Luke 15 has always touched my heart, I was so moved by the Father’s love and compassion for the son after he had been so selfish, foolish, wasted his inheritance and his life.  

How many of us also have grieved the Father, but yet when we come to our senses and approach the Father with a repentant heart, He is quick to forgive us and amazingly still loves us, even though we don’t deserve it. This is what is called the Grace of God. Totally undeserved love! As I meditated on the richness of this parable, I began to envision the whole story in a modern-day scenario, one that an average person could relate to – hence the vision of the Prodigal Sons.

It’s set in a rural dairy farm in Oregon. The younger son hates the farm and wants action, fun, and excitement in the city. He thinks he is being deprived of the good life!

He did not realize that his Fathers, great love and provision for him would bring him the peace and contentment he so desired. The Father lets him go and the son heads to Reno and the bright lights. From there, he realizes that the tinsel and gold are not lasting and he loses all by living a life of sin, depravity, self-indulgence, and lust. 

He then returns to his father, humble, broken, and contrite. 

But wait! I call this production “The Prodigal Sons” because the older son has also distanced himself from the Father, refusing to forgive his brother.

His father is overjoyed that his son has come home and has a big homecoming party for him

The older brother is furious and refuses to come to the party. Both sons have turned their back on the great love of their father.

This story was told to show the great mercy, love, and forgiveness of the father depicting Gods unending love for his children. 

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