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Esther CD the Musical orchestration with vocals.


I know you will enjoy the variety and entertainment in these songs as they tell the story of Esther.



There are 20 songs in a variety of styles sung by the Esther cast. Each one is different and clever from the “Opening Narration” which is classical in style with the flare of King Xerxes palace in Susa to King Xerxes singing full of himself…”I Am The King”. Next is Mordecai the Jew, taken captive by the Persians, who works at the city gate, with all of his Jewish traditions brought into the song, “I Am A Royal Scribe.” Song 4 is sung by the King, when he is insulted by his Queen, “I’ll Send Her Away!” Next the King orders a search for 100 of the most beautiful girls to be brought to the palace. Mordecai’s niece is one of the girls, who was chosen. Mordecai laments her going with the song, “Oh Adonnai.” In the palace, Esther is put into the harem and is trained by Haggai, the eunuch. He sees something special in her and sings, ‘Stick With Me,” a clever jazz tune. Next we hear Esther singing, number 6, “I’m soaking” while in a tub of perfume and oils. This song has a double meaning of soaking in the Lord’s presence as well as the tub.


Song number 7, is sung by Esther’s handmaidens as they dance together in a Sweet Adeline style, “We Love You Esther.” Song number 8, sung with great enthusiasm by the King, is Broadway Style….” I Found My Bride.” Esther then is taken to the King and he is enthralled with her beauty and purity. He chooses her to be his next queen. She then sings a tender ballad “One Night With the King.” The King then sings, Broadway Style, the exciting, “I Found My Bride.” Number 11, “Kill the King” is sung by 2 buffoons who plot to murder the King. It’s quite hilarious as well as the next song, “Wizards of Susa,” sung by the pompous wizards who are summoned by the evil Hamen who plots to kill all of the Jews. Number 13 is Classic Opera in style, “Oh Mordecai, Why Are You Crying,” a duet sung by Esther in the palace, with Mordecai in the streets in sackcloth and ashes, as the Jews are all to be killed. Mordecai sends a message to Esther telling her of Hamen’s evil plot asking her to go to the King and beg him to spare her people. As Esther contemplates this dangerous mission, she sings, “At This Time, In This Place” which is the theme of the whole book of Esther. Perhaps God has placed her in the palace to save her people. The next song, sung by Hamen, number 15, is very diabolical, spewing out his hatred for the Jews, “Hamen’s Song.” Next we have the silly, “Sleep Song,” which is sung in Jamaican Style telling of the King’s ironic dream. Now Haman sings, number 17, “Oh, Woe Is Me” in a mournful Arabic style, as the King has made him honor Mordecai, whom he wants to kill.


After Esther’s banquet where she tells the King about Haman’s plot and reveals her Jewish heritage, Haman is hung on the gallows he built for Mordecai. Now, Mordecai is made Prime Minister where he sings a short, “Mordecai’s March” preceded by a “Final Narration” summing up the story.


The grand finale is sung by the entire cast, “At This Time, In This Place,” affirming God’s provision for his people. I know you will enjoy the variety and entertainment in these songs as they tell the story of Esther.

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