Books of the Esther the Musical script and lead sheets are now available for purchase on Amazon!

Your non-refundable purchase of this book allows you only ONE LEGAL copy for your own personal use in rehearsal or performance. Purchasers do not have resell or distribution rights without the prior written permission of the copyright holder. This book cannot be copied in any format, sold, or otherwise transferred to another for free or for monetary gain. Such action is illegal and in violation of U.S. Copyright Law. Distribution of this book, in whole or in part is forbidden.

Please purchase one copy of the book for each main character.

Legal purchasers of this book from Amazon, have purchased the rights to perform this musical in a venue that seats an audience of up to 500 and can be used for up to three performances. Please contact us for larger venues or additional performances.


Also available are a complete piano score, background orchestration CD, CD orchestration with vocals, and live performance DVD. CDs with vocals, and DVDs are intended to be rehearsal aids and are not for use in performances. The background orchestration CD can be used in place of live musicians to accompany live performers.

Complete manuscript and printed music of all the songs from the show with photos. Now available for your church, school, synagogue or theater group to perform.

Ms. Allen does what she does best here in taking her unshakable faith and knowledge of the Bible, and her years of experience in secular music to bring us truly inspired theater entertainment. Esther the Musical is a two-hour Broadway musical style show with a redeeming message of a sovereign God.

The script follows the setting of the Persian Empire 483 BC. King Xerxes had conquered all of the known world at that time with the exception of Greece. Jerusalem was destroyed and the Hebrews taken captive. From this scenario emerges the story of one lovely Jewish orphan girl who was raised by her older cousin Mordecai, and then suddenly, taken to the harem at the kings palace. There, she finds a destiny she would never have imagined! She eventually rises to become the Queen of Persia and saves her people from an impending holocaust.

The script accurately follows the Old Testament bible story from the book of Esther. It is packed with intrigue, suspense, and a violent, clever man, determined to wipe out the Jewish race, a king who is filled with his own power and wealth who loves to party and is susceptible to flattery, and a young woman who is placed in the mix to bring sanity back to the nation and end a wicked plot.

The show captivates and delights the audience with a wide variety of songs from ballads to jazz, operatic to Hebrew and Jamaican to Broadway. The pace is always moving and exciting. The theme song of the show At This Time, In This Place is sung by Esther as she tries to decide her fate. Again, it is done in reprise by the entire cast as Esther emerges victorious over evil. The production has also interspersed some light comedy with its heart-wrenching, tearful scenes.

Christian Parker of Keepsakes Studios, a long-time friend and colleague of Jeannie Allen, collaborated in orchestrating Esther the Musical now available in CD.

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