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Oh, Mordecai, Why Are You Crying?

The dramatic two-level alter area at First Presbyterian Church made for a visually dynamic scene for the song Oh, Mordecai, Why Are You Crying, in which Esther and Mordecai are separated by location but joined in grief and concern for the trials ahead.




Slideshow with songs and scenes from Esther the Musical


The show captivates and delights the audience with a wide variety of songs from ballads to jazz, operatic to Hebrew and Jamaican to Broadway. The pace is always moving and exciting.

The theme song of the show At This Time, In This Place is sung by Esther as she tries to decide her fate. Again, it is done in reprise by the entire cast as Esther emerges victorious over evil. The production has also interspersed some light comedy with its heart-wrenching, tearful scenes.


The theme song At This Time in This Place with vocals (0:57)

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An overview of the complete show with clips from each song (12:25)

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A sampling of the background orchestration CD (7:32)

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