Prodigal Sons Musical DVD


The Prodigal Sons Live Performance DVD
True to Jeannie Allen’s wide variety of styles, the Prodigal Sons, Jeannie’s second musical follows suit.  



Taken from the parable of Jesus …Luke 15:11-32, Jeannie sets the stage for the parable in contemporary U.S.A. on a dairy ranch in Oregon. The elder brother loves the ranch and sings the humorous song, “Cows Are So Pretty” followed by his younger brother, the prodigal, singing, ” Wine, Women and Song.” Next he stubbornly sings,” Father I Want to Leave Now” as he prepares to travel. The father gives him his inheritance and sings,”Protect Him,” with deep concern.


Now the prodigal hits Reno, NV, ready to party, where he sings, “Mr. Lucky” with dancing girls on each arm. Next comes “Helicopter Bar,” sung by the bar crowd and “Feeling Alive” as he disco dances with the show girls. “Plenty More Sugar” is next, sung by a seductive hell cat. “Ya Done Me Wrong” is the next song sung by a couple in the bar. Now the prodigal sings a tear-jerking western, “Home,” (I wish I were home) as he is broken and lost. The next song, broadway style, is sung by the father when the son returns and he throws a big bar-b-que for his son. Next comes the older brother who is furious and jealous singing a powerful “You Never Killed A Fatted Calf For Me.” The father responds with “You Could Have Had It Any Time At Al”l. Next comes the country song, “Don’t Get Detoured” and the grand finale, “Bringing Me Back,” sung by the entire cast to climax his return and the father’s love.


There are 16 songs in the 2 hour production and 13 songs in the condensed 1 hour version which omits the bar songs. You will find this production contemporary and exciting.

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