About Jeannie Allen

My Story

Jeannie Allen, author and composer of Esther the Musical and The Prodigal Sons has a long list of credits. Originally from Seattle, Washington, she began her studies at Cornish School of the Arts at two and one-half years with drama and violin. At age seven she switched to piano which became the bread-winner of her life. She studied concert piano for four years with Dr. Paul Van Katwijk, Dallas, Texas, SMU. She traveled many years as a single piano/vocal entertainer at hotels and night clubs.

Her christian roots go back to her teens when she studied at Simpson Bible Institute and Seattle Pacific College. She helped pioneer Cornerstone TV as their first staff pianist, and was pianist at Duquesne University Charismatic Conference for seven years.

She has written over 100 songs of inspiration and given church concerts in the Pennsylvania tri-state area since 1980. She has recorded seven albums, including contemporary Christian, classical, patriotic, gospel, and pop, three of which were original compositions. She has played for musicals and played and sang for many hotels and clubs in the Pittsburgh area for the past thirty years, having a gift for jazz and improvisation.

Ms. Allen has five daughters, one son and twelve grandchildren. Two daughters reside in California. Her daughter, Mary Phillips, plays the part of Esther and her youngest daughter, Kathryn Rickenback, also acts and sings in Esther the Musical. Her son, David Allen, an evangelist, has penned a book, The Remaining Factors, which is currently available for sale.