About Esther

The Story

The blending of Ms. Allen’s experience as a popular vocalist and pianist, along with her love of God and knowledge of the Bible brings the best of both worlds to the stage in Esther the Musical. Ms. Allen stays true to the Bible story while creating a two-hour Broadway musical style show with a redeeming message of a sovereign God.

The script follows the setting of the Persian Empire 483 BC. King Xerxes (Ahasuerus) had conquered all of the known world at that time with the exception of Greece. Jerusalem was destroyed and the Hebrews taken captive. From this scenario emerges the story of one lovely Jewish orphan girl who was raised by her older cousin Mordecai. and then suddenly, without warning, taken to the harem at the kings palace. There, she finds a destiny she would never have imagined! She eventually rises to become the Queen of Persia and saves her people from an impending holocaust.

The script accurately follows the Old Testament bible story from the book of Esther. It is packed with intrigue, suspense, and a violent, clever man, determined to wipe out the Jewish race A king who is filled with his own power and wealth who loves to party and is susceptible to flattery. And a young woman who is placed in the mix to bring sanity back to the nation and end a wicked plot.

The Music

The show captivates and delights the audience with a wide variety of songs from ballads to jazz, operatic to Hebrew and Jamaican to Broadway. The pace is always moving and exciting.

The theme song of the show At This Time, In This Place is sung by Esther as she tries to decide her fate. Again, it is done in reprise by the entire cast as Esther emerges victorious over evil. The production has also interspersed some light comedy with its heart-wrenching, tearful scenes.

Christian Parker of Keepsakes Studios, a long-time friend and colleague of Jeannie Allen, collaborated in orchestrating Esther the Musical now available in CD.

The theme song At This Time in This Place with vocals (0:57)

by Sung by Cast - Composed by Jeannie Allen | Esther - The Musical

An overview of the complete show with clips from each song (12:25)

by Narrated Promotional | Esther - The Musical

A sampling of the background orchestration CD (7:32)

by Orchestration CD | Esther - The Musical

Host a Performance

Jeannie Allen Productions Theater Group is available to come to you! Mary Phillips plays the role of Esther (Ms. Allen’s daughter) with a cast of twenty-six people. Also available for smaller programs, the main cast of six will come in costume to sing and act a one-hour version of the story. Whatever your needs, we are ready to fulfill them – a small dinner show or special event, Purim celebration, women’s clubs, Bible study groups, children’s programs, school assemblies, theaters, seniors, etc. All ages love this show.

Book an Esther performance for your event today!

Esther the Musical is available as a full 2-hour musical with singing, acting, dancing, orchestral accompaniment, costumes, scenery, and more.

Have a smaller event?

The program is also available in a 1-hour version with the six main characters, in costume, performing the featured musical numbers and scenes. Perfect for Bible studies, small groups, fund raisers, dinner theaters, and more!

Previous Performances have been held at:
St Peters, Zelienople, PA
Tower Presbyterian, Grove City, PA
First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh
The First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown
Scotus Hall, Mt Alvernia, Pittsburgh PA
The Succop Theater, Butler County Community College, Butler, PA
Mars Alliance Church, Mars, PA

The 1-hour version has been held at:
Westminister Presbyterian, Butler, PA
Forest Avenue Presbyterian, Pittsburgh, PA
Crossway Assembly of God Church, Valencia, PA
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Oakmont, PA
Longwood at Oakmont, Oakmont, PA
Yeshua Ben David, Squirrel Hill, PA
Bell Memorial Presbyterian, Ellwood, PA
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Region International Student Ministry (PRISM), Oakland, PA
Crestview Presbyterian Church, Evans City, PA

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